Ashton Kutcher Film ‘jOBS’ Gets Domestic Distributor

The upcoming film “jOBS” starring Ashton Kutcher, has secured a domestic distribution deal with Open Road Films.

The film is a biopic about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in October 2011. It chronicles the years of his life between 1971 to 2000. During that time, Jobs helped build Apple up, departed when it fell and later returned to help Apple ultimately become one of the world’s prominent tech companies.
Mark Hulme, a “jOBS” producer and head of Five Star Feature Films, released a statement. “We set out to find the perfect partners to present jOBS to audiences worldwide, and we feel we have found one with Open Road. They were as impressed as we were with Ashton Kutcher’s inspiring and unforgettable performance as Steve Jobs and are excited to distribute the picture in the U.S.”

Open Road Films CEO Tom Ortenberg released a statement as well. “jOBS is certain to resonate with audiences and we are thrilled to partner with Five Star Feature Films to bring this film to theaters.”

“jOBS” will debut at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, followed by a nationwide theatrical release in April.

Eyes Wide Shut: Which Couple Adopted a Puppy and Impressed the Staff with Their Generosity?

1. This attractive couple got married in the last couple of years after many years of dating. They recently decided to add to their family by adopting a dog. After weeks of searching for exactly the right dog, they wound up adopting a puppy from a shelter in the South. The staff reports that they were very kind and down-to-earth with everyone they met at the shelter, and very sweet and playful with each other (he even affectionately smacked her on the butt when he thought no one was looking). Nicest of all, in addition to paying the usual adoption fees, they very quietly took everything that they had in their wallets (several hundred dollars) and stuffed it into a donation box on their way out. (BlindGossip)
2. This couple is getting serious. They are both actors. While he isn’t exactly in her shadow, she is older and more famous than him. Does the age difference bother her? She told a friend that “he may be much, much younger than my ex-husband, but he is also much, much more stable.” Yes, her ex is an actor, too. And a rather volatile one at that. (BlindGossip)

3. She has wanted a baby for a long time. She and her husband have been doing everything possible to try and conceive. Her family has been very supportive. Until now. Her mother just asked her to hold off on fertility treatments of the time being. She doesn’t want her to get pregnant right now, lest it take any attention away from her much-more-profitable sibling. (BlindGossip)

My Guesses:
1. Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart
2. Robin Wright Penn & Ben Foster (with Sean Penn being the ex)
3. Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian

Anna Paquin: Sex Scenes with Alexander Skarsgard Are ‘Completely Comfortable’

Some actors admit to awkward moments filming love scenes.

Anna Paquin is not one of them.

Although her husband and father of her baby-on-the-way, Stephen Moyer, 42, costars with her on True Blood, the actress has no qualms about filming sex scenes with fellow cast mate Alexander Skarsgard.

“We feel completely comfortable together,” Paquin, 29, tells Redbook in its August issue hitting newsstands July 10. “Steve and Alex are buddies. It’s nothing like, ‘Oh, hi, nice to meet you. Now take off your clothes and go into the fog.’ Everyone is respectful of each other’s boundaries … They’re all very gentlemanly about it.”
As for landing the coveted role of Sookie Stackhouse, the Oscar-winning actress had one simple method for acing her audition: “Fake it to make it.”

Says the star, “I went out and bought some incredibly short shorts and a push-up bra. … It’s not that I’m a prude, but I’m not a massive exhibitionist, either.”

Paquin, who calls herself her “hardest critic,” also shared a couple thoughts on shortly facing motherhood.

“I have a side that’s very nesty,” she says. “And another that thinks, ‘Let’s lock up the house and go away for five months.’